We have been providing uninterrupted health services with our advanced medical technology, our expert staff in every branch, our modern architecture in accordance with international accreditation standards in health, and fully equipped diagnosis and treatment units.

We work non-stop to protect and improve our structure, which has been designed considering all the needs of our guests from all over the world and Turkey, within the framework of universal patient rights, and where they feel “comfortable, peaceful, safe”.

On an area of 38.000 m2, Our Hospital have 254 bed capacity, 9 operating rooms, general/coronary/newborn intensive care units, normal delivery rooms, water delivery rooms, approximately 1000 employees, 350 of whom are health professionals.

  • 3 Tesla MRI and all the latest technology radiological devices,

  • Advanced Biochemistry, Pathology laboratories and Oncological Diagnosis Units,

  • Interventional Radiology, Nuclear Medicine and Microsphere Therapy

  • Laparoscopic Oncology Surgery, Medical Oncology and Radiation Oncology with Trilogy Device,

  • Pediatric and Adult Bone Marrow Transplant Units

  • Psychooncology, which facilitates the fight against cancer of our patients,

  • And Our Private hospital Oncology Center with multidisciplinary tumor councils

  • Advanced Spine Surgery Unit, where diagnosis and treatment of all spinal disorders seen in children and adults can be made, and which offers modern treatments with its cutting-edge technological equipment and experienced physician staff,

  • Our Orthopedics Center, which includes Advanced Joint Surgery Units where sports traumatology and all kinds of arthroscopic surgeries are successfully applied, and adopts a holistic approach to the patient by working in full harmony with branches such as Brain and Nerve Surgery, Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation, Rheumatology.

Our International Patient Center, which guides all the processes of our foreign guests from the first day they apply to us until they return home with healing, in their mother tongue.

In addition to providing services in all branches of medicine, we continue to be the reference center of hospitalization that adds hope to life, with our specialized departments led by our academics who are authority in the field and our professional teams that aim for all our domestic and international guests to access the best health service.