Hair Transplantation

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Hair loss comes first among the cosmetic problems that especially men encounter, the most prominent solution of our day for said problem is hair transplantation. In the history of hair transplantation, the treatment procedures started in the form of reductions to the hairless area and sampling of areas of half centimeter diameter called punch grafts and implanting them to the hairless area. With certain technological advancements in recent years, the technique has become capable of producing more refined, aesthetically pleasing and more natural-looking results.

• How is hair transplantation performed?
Hair transplantation is the procedure performed by gathering strands of hair one by one, along with their follicles from areas that are resistant to hair loss and appropriately implanting them to the hairless areas by opening canals for them.

• What are the techniques used in hair transplantation?
In our hospital, the canal technique called FUE and the DHI ( Choi Pen) techniques are used for hair transplantation. For the canal technique, first canals are opened for the obtained grafts to be implanted. Whereas with the DHI technique, the follicles are implanted directly without opening canals.

• What is the FUE ( Canal Technique ) technique? How is it performed?
Nowadays, the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) technique, which yields highly natural and satisfying results is the most preferred method. With this technique, the follicles are taken one by one and implanted to the area lacking in hair. The follicles may be collected from the area between the ears, behind the head. This procedure is performed under local anesthesia. With the FUE technique, up to 4500 follicles can easily be implanted in a single session. As it is a surgical procedure performed in an operating room with local anesthesia, it could be considered a tissue transplantation. It is a procedure that needs to be performed under hospital conditions

• What is the DHI ( CHOI PEN ) Technique? How is it performed?
Known as the "pen technique" or "Choi Pen", it is not a hair transplantation technique, but a method of implementation. DHI pen (Choi Pen) hair transplantation is a technique where the follicles collected from the donor area are transplanted to the designated area with the help of DHI pens.

• What is the difference between the FUE and DHI?
The FUE technique is carried out after opening canals for the follicles to be implanted. Whereas the DHI is carried out directly, without opening canals. In the FUE technique, a tumescent solution is administered to the area where canals will be opened, this isn't done for the DHI technique. The local application of both is the same. Recuperation is faster for the DHI technique. This there is no tumescence, the circulatory problems are kept to a minimum. With the DHI technique, the grafts remain outside for a shorted period. In terms of density, the DHI technique is more efficient for local hair loss.

• How is the hair transplantation period is determined? (How many follicles and how much graft is needed needs to be determined and the patient needs to be given information regarding the hair transplantation process.)
The planning of the patient who needs a hair transplant is carried out during the first consultation. While the planning is carried out, the condition of the patient's scalp and follicles are checked. Abiding by the norms for hair transplantation, the patient is informed about how many follicles are needed as graft. Once the patient decides on going through with the transplantation, they are scheduled an appointment.
On the day of the appointment, the patient is admitted to the hair transplant unit. The donor and recipient areas are planned once again. After carrying out the necessary tests, if there is no problem, the patient's hair is cut in preparation for the procedure. After the haircut, local anesthesia is administered to the area from which follicles will be taken and the procedure is initiated. The approximate duration is 1.5 hours. If the DHI technique is to be used, the patient is given food and then the transplant procedure is started. Whereas with the FUE technique, the patient is given food after the graft collection is carried out and then the transplant procedure is performed. The standard for total duration of the procedure is 6-8 hours. At the end of the procedure, dressing is applied to the area from which the graft is taken. The patient is discharged after giving information regarding medication and the process.

• Can hair transplantation be performed on everyone?
There is no difference between the genders as far as hair transplantation is concerned. For young patients, the patient's hair loss, bald spot and whether the loss still continues are checked. If the hair loss is persistent and the bald spot isn't too big, the patient is referred to the dermatology department and the necessary treatment is administered.
As the reason for hair loss is different for women, the source of the hair loss is searched before transplantation. If a male type hair loss is present, the transplant is carried out.

before after hair transplantation
before after hair transplantation

How is the hairtransplantation procedure for women?

As the reason for hair loss is different for women, the source of the hair loss is searched before transplantation. If a male type hair loss is present, the transplant is carried out. The hair transplantation procedure itself is performed the same way.

• Is hair transplantation painful?

Hair transplantation is a procedure that is performed under local anesthesia. Before administering local anesthesia, a type of anesthesia that is known as painless anesthesia (without the need for a needle) is administered. This reduces the pain to a minimum. The patient does not feel pain after hair transplantation.

• From where are the follicles collected for hair transplantation?

The follicles are gathered from behind the head, the designated donor region. If that proves insufficient, follicles may be gathered from the chest or the beard.

• How long does it take for the transplanted hair to take and grow?

The patient needs to avoid hitting the recipient area. During the early period, there may be swelling on the forehead and sometimes between the muscles. These gradually disappear in a few days. Again during this period, some scabbing, mild leakage and bleeding may occur. These also end within 7-10 days. On the third day, the hair is carefully washed. The patient needs to continue washing their hair with special creams and shampoos until the scabs fall off. Once the scabs fall off, the patient can return to their normal life. This entails a period of approximately 10 days. By up to approximately 20 days, the hair starts to grow. Then some of it falls off. As of the second month, new and healthy hair starts to grow. While the majority of the transplanted hair grows in 6-10 months, the hair gains its final form in the first year.

before after hair transplant
before after hair transplant